This is the where we express our biased opinions about how great we are, and why you should work with us. What?!? You don’t believe in everything you read? Perhaps it’s best we simply share our philosophies with you, and let you be the judge of who we are for yourself.

We are creative thinkers that believe in the elegance of simplicity. Our bottom line is not defined by the number after the dollar sign, but rather by the number of people we can reach out to and the effect we can have. Our true measure of success lies within the value we add to our clients, and creating solutions that benefit their communities.
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Ka Pang has over 15 years of experience—creating marketing communication in both print and interactive media for companies of all sizes. Founding VolumeSquared in 1999, he had the pleasure of meeting client objectives for Reuters, Multex, UN, UNICEF, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Time Warner Book Group. He graduated from Kutztown University with a major in Communication Design—he has been featured in various trade publications such as Communication Arts, Print, and HOW Magazine. A proponent of design and collaboration—he continues to make his contribution as a creative thinker, a goal oriented designer, and a results driven business adviser.
Tova Raykin is an experienced art director and creative lead with a strong background in communications and marketing. Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia, she has brought her dedicated passion and multi-disciplinary talent from half across the globe to New York City, where she has been residing for the past half-a-decade. Graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Communications & Multimedia Design, she is an expert in bridging the gap between design and development for both print collateral and interactive media. She plays an integral role in creating standards-compliant websites from conception to completion.